Air Jordan Воздушный Джордан
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      Реклама Gatorade и Nike. Все ролики в avi(DivX 5)


Jordan vs Jordan
Jordan vs Jordan 15.669kb, 1:02


This is control tower to Flight 23, you have permission for takeoff...
Flight 23 1.908kb, 0:20
IMAGINATION. Geez, I sure can imagine myself pulling off a cradle dunk like MJ... but can I physically do it? I think I'll leave that to your imagination.
Imagination 4.670kb, 0:29
MJ dunks on Mars. MJ that's cold man, leavin' Mars up there.
Hangtime 3.581kb, 0:30
Nobody can cover MJ but MJ can cover Mars's big mouth.
Cover 3.628kb, 0:30
Mars raps on AJ IVs.
Rappin' with Mars 3.623kb, 0:30
Mars tell us we can't dunk like Jordan but we can buy his shoes.
Can Can't 3.625kb, 0:30
Jordan and Nola in love. Eat yer heart out, ladies! MJ's taken.
Nola 4.958kb, 0:30
Is it the shoes? It's gotta be the shoes!!
Opinions 3.579kb, 0:30
Professor Douglas Kirkpatrick explains hangtime... Yo Mike check him out!
Astronautics 3.689kb, 0:30
Mars's bedroom is full of deadstock, crispy new AJs. Those must be worth $$ millions by now...
Mars's Bedroom 3.544kb, 0:30
Heeeyyyy!! Yeaaa!!! Aaayyy! Woowww!!
Hey! Aaayy! Yaaayyy!! 5.084kb, 0:30
Yeeeah! What's up doc?
Hare Jordan 7.530kb, 1:00
Jordan IX tribute. A mish mash of past Jordan adverts. Nice R&B soundtrack
23 3.783kb, 0:30
That's MJ disguised in an afro!!! COOL!
Johnny Kilroy 9.967kb, 0:59
100 feet of air... the hard part is the landing!
100 foot dunk 4.246kb, 0:29
FROZEN. MJ's skills mesmerizes and freezes everybody, kids, old fogies, white, black, etc.... best Jordan advert ever...
Frozen Moment 3.793kb, 0:32
CEO Jordan leads a double life as a businessman and a basketball superstar.
CEO Jordan 4.008kb, 0:44
I failed many, many times which is why I'm successful?!? What the?! Jordan hints on his eminent second retirement with this commercial
Failure Succeed 3.599kb, 0:30
Badoom! Badoom! Badoom! Dadoom!
Heart 3.794kb, 0:33
What is love? Is it the game? Is it the money? Is it the fans? Is it licking the soles of your crispy clean deadstock J's?
What is love? 3.602kb, 0:31
Goodbye Mars!
Goodbye Mars! 3.588kb, 0:30
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